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Some models I built...

on the left : Mirage IVA bomber 
on the right: Mirage IIIE lightweight fighter 
on the middle: Mirage IVC heavy fighter 
In 1958, Dassault studied two fighters : one was the single engine Mirage IIIC, other was the twin engine Mirage IVC. The AdA choose the Mirage III for economic reasons; the IVC become the Mirage IVA nuclear bomber. 
Below : Mirage IIIC lightweight fighter 
Middle : Mirage IVC heavy fighter 
Above : Mirage IVA bomber 
The Mirage IVC never left the drawing board : it could have a been a french competitor to the F-4 Phantom. Its size,weight and power were roughly similar to the Rafale...  
A new project : changing a Boeing 777 into a sonic Cruiser... a difficult but exiting task! 
Here's the plan to change the model  
Vendetta GR.1  
A-6 Intruder heavily modified for the RAF  


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