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My french whatifs list

French whatif models  
SO-6000 Triton : Traininig for the Ada (camo : Fouga Magister, Salon de Provence 1954-1997) 
Arsenal VG90 / Nord 2200/ NC-1080 : Aeronavale (blue / grey, 11F 45 on the nose and fin). 
SO-4000 / NC-270 nuclear bombers (camo Mirage IV) 
NC-1071 fighter bomber (underwing bombs and rockets, low-level camo, AdA markings) 
SO-8000 Narval close air support ( wingtip fuel tanks) 
SO-6020 Espadon Suez 1956 yellow and black strips patrouille de France like the Heller Ouragan ) 
MD-451, MD-453, Mystère IVM (Nightfighters derivatives of the Ouragans, Mystère II et IV)Big nosecone, painted black, missiles AA-20/Nord 5103 underwings. 
Mystère IVN (French navy) 
SE-2415 Grognard : nuclear strike (mk.7 bomb)  
night interceptor, Israeli camo... 
Griffon II et Leduc-022 interceptors (big radar nosecone, missiles R-530 and drop tanks underwings, and armée de l'air markings similar to a Mirage IIIC) 
Griffon-III high-speed interceptor  
Trident III opérationel : Big gabizos engines on the wingtips, R-530 under the belly. 
Durandal interceptor : nosecone instead of frontal air intake, R-530, Mirage IIIC drop tanks and markings. 
Lightweights fighters  
Etendard II 
Etendard IV 
Etendard VI  
Breguet 1001 
Breguet 1100 
All of these fighters: naval version (= camo Etendard IV) or OTAN ( german, italian, etc. G91 camo) 
Mirage 01/I 
Mirage II (Two 2*AIM-9B underwing, one centerline tank) 
Mirage III variants and competitors  
- MS-1000 
- Nord 5000 Harpon 
- Br.1002 
Nuclear strike bombers  
- Mirage IV 
Mirage IVA (camo différents countries bomb racks underwing) 
Mirage IVC (nuclear strike, naval version for PA-52 Verdun etc.) 
Mirage IVB (big twin engine bomber (J-75 exhausts) 
Mirage IVK (déjà fait par les fanas britanniques )  
Mirage IV four engined bomber (4 atar underwings) 
Concorde Strategic bomber (camo Mirage IVA or Vulcan) 
SO-4050 nuclear strike 
SO-4050 IIIE (nosecone, missiles, drop tanks, camo, from a Mirage IIIE) 
SO-4055 and 4056 (night interceptor and long range bomber)  
SO-4060 (supersonic Vautour) 
Tsiklon (Israelian Vautour with spey engines ) 
- SE-4400 ramjet powered cruise missile 
Breguet projects 
- TAON (1001/1100) 
- Sirocco (1120) 
- VTOL (mach2 1115/1116) 
- Br-121(0) (Jaguar forerunner) 
But also :  
Br.1160 TALP  
Br 1220  
VTOL Dassault  
MD-610/620/630 Cavaliers 
Mirage III-V (aeronavale, AdA, foreign countries,nuclear strike with Mk7 or AN11,interceptor,attack…) 
Mirage prototypes  
Mirage F2 (camo Israelian) 
Mirage F1E (prototype, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain) 
Mirage G (French navy)  
Mirage F3 (interceptor,similar to F1C, F3EQ for Irak ) 
Mirage G8 /ACF (camo : Mirage 2000 Tornado or Mirage IVP) 
Mirage 4000 (déjà fait par les fanas canadiens)  
Mirage 3000 (2000 RB-199) 
MegaMirage (Mirage= MIG-25 with delta wing) 
Jaguar M (Royal Navy sur CVA-01, Aeronavale  
Fouga 90 (camo: Embraer 312 Tucano from Salon de provence, or Zephyrs from Hyères) 
- French F80 Shooting star (instead of Vampires ?) 
- French F89 (instead of F86D ?) 
- Skylancer and SuperTiger, SR-177.  
- F8U-3 superCrusader (Aeronavale) 
- A7 corsair II (aernavale, SE camo) 
- A4T (similar to A7) 
- F-18C/D (FN) 
- T45 Goshawk "aeronavale"' 
Falcon 10/20 COD 
TBM-700 COD 
Caravelle AWACS 
Breguet Atlantic AWACS 
Dassault Mercure AWACS 
Transall AWACS 


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