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Aircrafts carriers in my paralel world

In another world, many countries have aircrafts carriers. 
Change american aircraft carriers in unuseful; more interesting to change the rest of the world. 
Great Britain 
4 CVA-01 carriers  
HMS Queen Elizabeth 
HMS Duke of Edimburgh 
HMS Prince of Wales (sunk during falkland war) 
HMS King Georges V 
4 Aicrafts carriers 
R91 Charles de Gaulle 
R92 Francois Mitterand 
R100 Jean Moulin 
R98 Clemenceau (for training only) 
R99 Foch (in reserve) 
Essex class carriers in worlwide service (USA sold many of them in the 70's) 
-Netherlands ("Amsterdam")  
-Italy ("Leornado Da Vinci") 
-Brazil ("Rio de Janeiro") 
-Japan ("Takahata")  
-Greece ("Andreou Papadopoulous") 
-South Korea ("Incheon") 
-Iran ("Pavlhavi" "Teheran" "Busher") 
(Teheran sunk by the Iraqis in 1986) 
-Argentina ("Eva Peron","Buenos aires" 
(sunk during the Falkland war) 
-Chile ("O'Higgins") 
-Spain ("Cervantes") 
-Israel ("Weizman") 
-Saudi Arabia ("Ryiad")  
-Germany ("Goethe"). 


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